Measuring Guide

You may think this area seems a bit of an awkward shape, but it is actually very straight forward to work out your artificial grass requirement.  You only need to measure the longest width and length, and you will see that you only need one piece of Artificial Grass.

Remember to always allow yourself 10cm on all lengths and widths for trimming and acclimatisation.

For this area for example you only need to order 4m x 5.6m.


Allowing For Joins

Where areas are larger or of a peculiar shape you need to make sure you allow yourself plenty for joins and trimming.

On the illustration the red line represents the best place to have a join.

For the larger half you would need to order 4m wide by 5.9 in length (again allowing 10cm for trimming and acclimatisation).

On the second half you will need 2m x 4.4m

When working out your joins, insure that you have allowed the pile direction to flow in the same direction.

Alternatively you can print off the graph paper, draw out the area the best you can with all the dimensions and send it to us with your details and we will be more than happy to work it out the best way for you.