Fitting Instructions

  1. Before laying grass always make a plan to ensure you are aware of where any joins maybe required and how much grass you will actually need.

  2. Remove any old grass

  3. Use tantalised batons to create a boundary around the perimeter

  4. Level the surface and spread a substantial layer of building sand across the surface (5 to 6cm)

  5. Compact this layer of sand properly and sprinkle with water

  6. Level the sand so that you are left with a nice even surface

  7. Roll out the grass making sure to even out any creases. The pile should point towards the spot from where you are most likely to view the grass

  8. For surfaces that exceed more than 4m you will have a join.

  9. If temperature drops it is possible the grass may shrink. The grass may contract if it is laid during the day when the temperatures are between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius and it cools to 17 degrees Celsius in the evening.

  10. If you do need to make a join pull back the grass and make a join between the two rolls with a Stanley knife. The black backing to which the artificial grass fibres are attached will protrude a little on both sides. These sides must be cut away.

  11. Roll out the next strip of grass and repeat the same process as for the first strip. Lay both pieces together and check they are properly aligned and no join can be seen (the width of the join between the two strips should be no more than 4mm).

  12. Pull back both pieces and apply the grass seaming tape or the adhesive tape directly under the join.

  13. Lay both pieces of grass together again and carefully apply pressure to the glue with your hand on the backing of the grass.

  14. Repeat the steps above until all the artificial grass is in place.

  15. Cut the edges to the required shape/outline.

  16. Screw or staple the grass to wooden baton every 20cm.

  17. To enhance the wear and appearance we recommend you spread silica sand onto the artificial grass (5kg per m2).

  18. Remove all the leftover pieces and brush the grass with a brush or broom.