Can artificial grass be laid on slopes?

Yes, all grass can be laid on most slopes. However, on severe slopes the sand infill may move slightly in heavy rain, therefore on these inclines non-filled grass would be better.

Is artificial grass suitable for children and dogs?

Artificial grass is suitable for domestic use for both children and dogs. It’s incredibly hard wearing yet soft to touch and easy to clean. Ideal for dogs as there is no staining or bald patches when urinated on.

Does artificial grass allow water through?

Yes, providing that the base material is free draining. Grass rolls have perforation holes pre-punched in the backing that conform to the minimum requirements.

Is artificial grass an easy DIY installation?

Basic DIY skills are required to install the grass. Please refer to the Installation Guide.

Do you offer an installation service?

No we do not provide an installation service.

Do you deliver?

We do provide a delivery service to the UK Mainland.

How long will my order take to be delivered?

Your order is usually delivered between two to three working days.

How do I maintain and clean my artificial grass?

To remove leaves and debris and to keep your artificial grass looking its best it would benefit from occasional brushing using a stiff brush. You can either let nature take its course and let the rain clean it or you can simply wash it using a hosepipe after removing any debris.

Will anything stain the grass?

No, within reason; artificial grasses are either polypropylene or polyethylene, which are forms of plastic. Stubborn marks will not therefore filtrate into the pile fibre and can be wiped clean with the use of hot water and household detergent.

Is artificial grass environmentally friendly?

Yes. It does not require watering like real grass and no chemical fertilisers or weed killers are required to maintain your lawn. Neither does it require use of a lawnmower.

Does artificial grass fade?

No. All our grasses are UV stable covered by a seven year guarantee.

Does the grass have a directional pile?

All our grass products have a slight pile direction along the length of the roll. This may be noticeable when the grass is first unrolled, but once the grass has been installed and brushed it is harder to notice, but still need to be taken into consideration when measuring and planning.

If sections of grass are not laid in the same direction it will create a shade difference that will always look a slightly different colour. Please see our Installation Guide to prevent this from happening.

What is the width/length of the grass?

All of our grasses are available in two metre or four metre widths and up to 25 metres in length.
If your area is wider, you can simply join the grass using our jointing tape and adhesive.

What are the differences between the range of artificial grasses?

There are different pile heights and density of pile, different colour options and texture. As a general rule, the deeper the pile, the price per square metre increases.

Can I have samples of the artificial grass?

Yes, you can order up to four samples of our artificial grass through our website.

How do I place my order?

You can either place your order via our website or contact us by telephone on 01689 871774.

Can I leave the grass rolled up outside until it is ready to be installed?

This is not a problem, however care should be taken not to bend the roll as it will crease and you will have trouble removing these when you come to install the grass.

Can I put outdoor furniture on the artificial grass?

The backing of the grass is designed to withstand normal heavy loads. Garden furniture can be placed on the grass but we would advise that you spread the load as evenly as possible.